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Anxiety is Orange.

Anxiety is knowing that in all you do,

Everyone around judges you too,

Anxiety is hearing haunting daunting, others' wanting taunting you.

Anxiety is fear but it's also not,

Whatever kind of anxiety you've got,

Fearing the hating, anticipating, waiting, grating, scary thoughts.

Anxiety is orange, studies say,

If feelings have colors, you're all gray.

Then fading, shading, slight cascading, no one's aiding you any day.

It’s so confusing when it's said,

But it makes you wish that you were dead.

Anxiety's greenish, blue and meanish, leanish, keenish, burning red.

It eats you alive and kills you as well,

Wishing there opened up a pit, you fell.

Thoughts all rushing, gushing, brushing, never hushing, it's just hell.

It's so scary, everyone's glare,

Every scold is a loud blare.

Overthinking, fast-slow blinking, slinking, sinking slowly there.

You stay by yourself, alone,

Company is worse than a broken bone,

Scared of talking, not that shocking, flocking, blocking scary tone.

Running away from the spotlight,

Anxiety is orange, dark and bright.

Anxiety's yellow, never mellow, fellows, 'hello's bring you fright.

Scaredy, introverted, shy,

Nervous for whatever you try,

It's like a glowing, flowing, scary blowing, throwing you down to die.

They all talk so much, all the yammer,

Yet whenever you speak, you stammer.

Emotion-faking, hell is waking, shaking, breaking like a hammer..

Scared of uttering any word,

If you're wrong, you’ll sound absurd.

And everyone's hearing, tempers searing, veering, fearing everything heard.

A second late, and your jokes get old,

Instantly regretting everything told,

Anxiety's orange, Slightly brightly, lightly frightly, anxiety's gold.

Surrounded by imagined hate,

No one else can relate.

There you wallow, follow, tough to swallow, hollow echoes wade.

It’s all an annoying headache,

With no medication you can take.

Panic rising, not surprising, slicing, icing on the cake.

Tiptoeing on the thinnest ice,

Unwanted tears in your eyes,

Which you're fighting, smiting, lighting sightings of the anxiety's rise.

And however far you forage,

The fear goes nowhere in storage.

Anxiety's blinding, binding, winding, grinding, yes, anxiety is orange.

-Vivaan Tripathi


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